Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dream Of Guofornication

The manner in which Dodger manager Joe Torre has used HongZhi Guo this season has gotten beyond the point of ridiculous. Guo (3.2 WAR), has arguably been the Dodgers best pitcher this year, striking out 47 batters in 40-1/3 innings pitched, while allowing only 2 homeruns and 10 walks. In the table below, I take a look at the average leverage index upon entering a game for all Dodger relievers, along with their "Wins Above Average" (WAR) score. Guo should not be used for mop up duty. He has better numbers than Saito (the closer), Broxton (the setup man) and Beimel (the LOOGY/other setup man). Scott Proctor should not be pitching in any situation other than mop up. He is the only Dodger pitcher with negative value and he is seeing higher leverage situations on average than Guo and Wade.
Game Entrance - Leverage Index
Pitcher gmLI WAR
Guo 0.64 3.21
Saito 1.57 2.17
Broxton 1.35 2.49
Beimel 1.20 1.70
Proctor 0.77 -.22
Wade 0.55 1.17
Park 0.83 0.35

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